А давайте наделаем бредовых демотиваторов из комиксов! =)

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Фотожопники, кто может присобачить к этой картинке "O 'RLY?"? :rolleyes:

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А ПиДжи в свое время плотно косила под Супера.

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Justice League. Europe.

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Миллиган одолжил у Моррисона немного травы.

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Одолжил совсем немного, но результат получился забавный. =)

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"И снится мне не рокот космодрома..."

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Откопал залежи с моррисоновским Animal Man'ом. Хе-хе-хе! :smirk:

"...зеленая, зеленая трава..."

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Когда я создаю комикс-архив, обычно я использую в логине сокращение от названия комикса. Сейчас нарвался на дэвидовского Капитана Марвела, и в голову пришло сокращение: "Капитан Марвел -- КаМар". Photobucket

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PvP Invincible pin-up

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Персонажи PvP, переодетые в костюмы персонажей Invincible. =)))

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Просто... ВАУ!

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Потрясающе! Это где такие чудеса? В "Новом Криптоне"? :susp:

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"Кто в этом году был плохим мальчиком? Отвечай, с*ка!"

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The best of Storm.

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Это был всего лишь "ТОП 16". :rolleyes: А вот здесь вы найдете все 50 аватарок, которые я вырезал из эллисовской Грозы. :eyebrow:

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Пикспам беспощадный!

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Пикспам с подвохом.

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Угадайте, в чем подвох. (Нет, не в черно-белости аватарок. :rolleyes: )

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Цитата. Гениально! =)))

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«Make sure you're describing something that can be illustrated. The example of this that I always use is a story David Lloyd told on Alan Moore from the production of V FOR VENDETTA: where Alan asked for a character to be standing with their back to us, smiling ironically. Try drawing that.»

Warren Ellis, "How to write comics".

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Сегодня в программе.

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Не забудьте написать в комментах, что вы думаете о "новом формате записей об архивах" версии 2.0. :rolleyes:

ПээС. Между прочим, я потратил дофига времени на поиск обзоров к этим комиксам. :shuffle:


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Что получится, если скрестить Уоррена Эллиса и Бена Темплсмита?

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9 выпусков Fell.

"Fell is a comic book written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Ben Templesmith. It is published by Image Comics.

The comic is an experiment by Ellis in order to create a more affordable comic by producing a lower page count than normal. This is balanced by a nine panel grid format for each page, in order to compress the story into the smaller size. Ben Templesmith's artwork creates a hazy outline that accompanies the immoral haze of a decaying noir style city.

Each issue is also a self-contained story, supplemented with behind the scenes shots of unfinished artwork, a text section where the author expands the story's background, provides excerpts from the sсript, and (tentatively) answers reader e-mail.

The story is about Richard Fell, a homicide detective who has been reassigned to the city of Snowtown. Snowtown, whose location is never specified, is a city whose conditions are somewhere between the urban decay of America's worst inner cities and the poverty of a third-world country. Described at one point as a "feral city", its denizens are generally desperate, hostile, or both. Violence is commonplace, and whole chunks of the city are without proper utilities. Conditions are so bad, in fact, that the citizenry have taken to spraypainting giant S's that have been crossed out as a form of protective magic, in the hopes that Snowtown will not harm what has been labelled as its own. As one of "three and a half detectives" in the entirety of Snowtown (one having no legs), Fell is determined to do all he can to better the city in many ways. He takes calls on his time off, he ignores a lack of a warrant for the sake of a little girl and he pushes through efforts to hire more precinct employees. He is noted by his powers of observation and deduction (a salute to Sherlock Holmes) and his ever-present Polaroid camera.

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Вопрос тем ПЧ, которых интересуют архивы mylivepage.

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Как вам новый формат моих записей об архивах? Гляньте по ссылке с тегом mylivepage.ru.

update: Напишите в комментах, стоит ли добавлять краткую выжимку с википедии, или это нафиг не нужно? (Если не нужно, буду добавлять только изредка, под настроение. :rolleyes: )
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Ликуйте! ЭТО свершилось! =)

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"Atomic Robo is a comic book series by writer Brian Clevinger and artist Scott Wegener. Depicting the adventures of the eponymous fictional character created by 8-Bit Theater writer Brian Clevinger and artist Scott Wegener, the series began as a six issue mini-series published by Red 5 Comics starting in October 2007. It was nominated in the "Best Limited Series" category of the 2008 Eisner Awards, won by The Umbrella Academy. Colorist Ronda Pattison was also nominated in the "Best Coloring" category subsequently won by Dave Stewart.

Major Characters
Atomic Robo is a robot possessing "automatic intelligence", created by Nikola Tesla in 1923. He is a core member of Tesladyne Industries, "a think tank dedicated to exploring the fringes of scientific inquiry", whose Action Scientists often respond to paranormal and supernatural emergencies. Robo has a developed sense of humor, and makes numerous wise cracks at his foes' expense. In the past, he has secretly worked with the United States government as well as NASA.

Baron Heinrich Von Helsingard, one of Robo's major enemies, is a Nazi scientist who has attempted to gain immortality, along with world domination.

Jenkins is a member of the Action Scientists, who first met Robo while being rescued from the vampire dimension.

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Я предупреждал. И теперь ЭТО близко как никогда.

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Peace Trough Science

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Geek of Fables

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8 выпусков Black Summer Уоррена Эллиса.

"Black Summer is a comic book limited series written by Warren Ellis, illustrated by Juan Jose Ryp, and published by Avatar Press starting in June 2007.

The plot revolves around the consequences of a superhero, John Horus, who kills the President of the United States and several of his advisers. The following seven issues detail the aftermath of the assassination.

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Да, опять. Новый архив.

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"The Surrogates is a five-issue comic book series written by Robert Venditti, drawn by Brett Weldele, and published by Top Shelf Productions. A sequel, The Surrogates 2.0: Flesh and Bone, is scheduled for 2009.

Plot summary
In the year 2054, people are using surrogates (remote-controlled artificial bodies) to interact with each other. But someone is determined to return people to their old lives instead of living through proxies.

The premise of these remote-controlled artificial bodies bears a remarkable similarity to the central idea of Keith Laumer's 1966 short story "The Body Builders".

Film adaptation
The Surrogates is an upcoming science fiction film based on the 2005-2006 comic book series of the same name. The film is directed by Jonathan Mostow and stars Bruce Willis. Filming began in April 2008 in Boston. The Surrogates is scheduled to be released on September 25, 2009.

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